13 Herbal Spiritual Wash

13 Herbal Spiritual Wash

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I used a mixture of traditional herbs ment to cleans and reverse various negative forced that can be sent in our director.

This bath is used in various ways and traditionally use 3 times in a row and longer if the situation calls for it.

This bag is enough for 3 baths.

Just boil for 10 minutes, let cool and then strain.

Add to your bath water in which you will soak and them pour over yourself to complete. Say your prayers, Psalms or an encantation of your own and imagine the water draining away with the negativity.

(Make sure you've bathed first, then have your herbal spiritual wash)

NOTE:  This item is not meant to cure or diagnos health issues and does not make any claims to have any other purpose but as a currio item only. Please spot check for allergic reaction before use. 

This item has been left to charge on my altar with the appropriate candle service and prayers. As with all currios, you would be expected to follow up with your own prayers or encantations during use.

There is a 5 day turn around time period. I make my products as they are ordered and ship as soon as it is safe to do so. (Unless available from a previous batch)

Please keep in mind that summer is coming and some items are heat sensitive. Make sure there is someone home to receive the package so it won't sit out in the heat and ruin your order