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OTHER NAMES: Cocklebur, Church Steeples, Stickwort, Sticklewort, Philanthropos, Ackerkraut, Agrimonia, Funffing, Herbe de Saint-Guillaume, Liverwort, Acrimony, Harvest lice, Aigremoine, Odermennig, Agrimonia, Herba agrimoniae, Agrimoniae herba, Burr Marigold, Garclive, Fairy's Wand.

Agrimony has long been regarded as powerfully magical, and one of its earliest common names is 'fairy's wand'. In an 18th-century Scottish witch trial, agrimony was mentioned as a witch's cure for people who were 'elf-shot,' or suffering unexplained illness.

Magical Attributes

Agrimony is masculine in nature and according to Nicholas Culpeper is associated with the planet Jupiter and the sign Cancer [2] It is also associated with the element of air.

Agrimony is useful for spellwork for those who who need to explore their true feelings and to help balance the emotions applied to a situation.

The plant is also used in protection spells, to help build a psychic shield, to reduce the influence of another's negativity and to banish negative energies and spirits. It is said to reverse harmful spells cast on you, causing them to rebound on the sender. Use in all protective sachets, spells and medicine bags. It can also be burned in banishing rituals or as a wash to cleanse the aura.

It is especially useful in healing magic as it enhances the strength of all healing spells, especially at a distance. You could use it in a ritual bath before beginning, as a wash for your tools, burn it as an offering or fumigant or simply decorate your alter with it.

Agrimony can be added to pillows, or placed under the pillow to ensure a deep, dreamless sleep. This is especially useful for those who are too troubled to sleep properly. 


Agrimony is a nontoxic astringent that is especially safe for children. It is commonly used as a digestive tonic that relieves diarrhea and colicky pains. A tonic infusion, a 1-2 teaspoons per teacup, three times a day (or make it by the jugful, adjusting measurements accordingly, and store it in the fridge to drink cold), can be used as a diuretic and for urinary and kidney infections, for jaundice and general liver ailments [1]. Agrimony is also a popular "spring tonic".
The same infusion may also be used as a gargle for throat irritation, especially useful for singers.

Agrimony is one of the traditional Bach Flower Remedies, used to bring emotional balance to those who hide their feelings behind humor and put on a brave face, and to promote self-acceptance.


Taken internally agrimony will aggravate constipation, particularly take in addition to psyllium powders such as Metamucil or along with prunes or prune juice.

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