Shadow Work Detoxifying Cleansing Bar

Shadow Work Detoxifying Cleansing Bar

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Such soothing and soft feel to the lather in this soap.

Made with:

Tussah Silk

Kaolin Clay

Activated Charcoal which is know for its detoxifying effects. It's said to be good for acne and other skin issues.

Lavender Essential Oil is antibacterial, antiviral, and anit-inflamitory. Also said to be great for acne and other skin issues as well as it relaxing qualities. 

Calendula and chamomile infused sunflower oil, saponified olive, coconut, palm, castor oils and shea butter.

No claims being made about this product. See a doctor for medical advice. Tell your doctor about all over the counter supplements, herbs, essential oils and tinctures you are using as they can have adverse effects. Children, pregnant and nursing women should consult a Dr before use of this product.