Katz Coconut Head Cleansing Soap

Katz Coconut Head Cleansing Soap

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   This soap was created using Katz Rodriguez (The Geen Eyed Witch) formula for her coconut head cleaning. The original formula is very simple to use on its own but for those who wish to have her formula on hand or a little more discreet form, this bar of soap is a great alternative.

   Katz original head cleansing is meant to be poured over the head while praying. With this soap you still need to do the prayers, or mantras or do what you do while rubbing the soap on your head and letting it penetrate to your scalp. I would pray while rubbing the soap in. You rinse like usual (while still praying) and follow the normal steps in Katz website. Wrap your head in white, air dry and drink some Sleep Time Tea (made strong), the box with the bear on it and go to bed.

     This soap has been left to charge on my altar with the appropriate candle service and prayers. As with all currios, you would be expected to follow up with your own prayers or encantations during use. 

For more information on Katz Rodriguez or her formulas, you can visit her on her website at www.katzrodriguez.com and you can watch her on YouTube. Please like, share and subscribe to her channel. 

   NOTE:  This soap is not meant to cure or diagnos health issues and does not make any claims to have any other purpose but as a currio item. Please spot check for allergic reaction before use. 

Made with shea butter and olive oil glycerin soap, fresh coconut water, Florida Water, cascarilla (powdered egg shell),  coloring, and natural coconut oil fragrance. 

Color, size, shape, and scent may vary as these soaps are all hand made in small batches to allow for the appropriate attention to each batch. 

There is a 5 day turn around time period. I make my products as they are ordered and ship as soon as it is safe to do so. (Unless available from a previous batch)

     Please keep in mind that summer is coming and some items are heat sensitive. Make sure there is someone home to receive the package so it won't sit out in the heat and ruin your order.