Marshmallow Leaf 0.5 oz

Marshmallow Leaf 0.5 oz

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Mallards, Mauls, Schloss Teai, Cheeses, Mortification Koot, mallow, white mallow, common marsh-mallow, marshmallow, mortification root,
sweet weed, wymote.

Magickal Uses

Marsh mallow is a feminine plant ruled by the element of water, the moon or Venus and Libra or Cancer. It is associated with Althea, Aphrodite and Venus.

Marsh mallow is a protective and cleansing herb. Burning marshmallow cleanses an area, indoors or out or steep the leaves and flowers in oil and use the oil to anoint yourself when you feel the need to be protected from demons or spells cast against you. If you are journeying in the astral and wish some extra protection, apply this oil before you enter your trance.

Marsh mallow is also used for love and fertility spells and is suitable for handfastings or to enhance sex magick

Also associated with death and rebirth, marsh mallow can be used in departing rituals and those to honor the dead or planted on or near grave sites.

NOTE: Sold as currio only. No clames are being made as to any medicinal or magicka use.