Mojo Hands/Packets/Sachets

Mojo Hands/Packets/Sachets

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     No two are alike. Each one is customer made per client and their specific situation. (Nothing premade)

     Each item is payed proper attention from the time the cloth is cut and the first stitch is sewn, until it has been fed, and consecrated on my altar for the appropriate amount of days. This takes time and a lot off effort but it is worth it. 

Each order includes:

 One mojo or packet

 1/2 oz of dressing oil

 Instructions on care and feeding

     *Please include the birth name of the the intended owner, DOB, and a picture. 

     By law I am required to inform you that this is sold as a curio item mentioned for entertainment purposes only. No promises or guarantees are made or implied. Not meant to diagnose or cure any physical or psychological ailments. Please contact a licensed healthcare professional. Do not ask for legal or medical advice.

No refunds on this item.