Sour and Sweet Bath Kit

Sour and Sweet Bath Kit

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Includes : all items for one Sour Bath, And two Sweet Baths except the following: spring water, flowers, and your perfume. 

I will include the three baths in a liquid form for ease of use, 2 or 4 oz bottles of whatever liquid ingredients are called for, the amonia will be in a one drama bottle with dropper, tea lights, fresh eggs from my own animals, one white taper candle, resins, and instructions.

Each bath will be clearly labeled and individually packaged with instructions. 

All will be ritually prepared to Katz personal specs. 

Please spot check for allergies. A detailed list of ingredients will be listed on the packaging as required. 

By law I am required to inform you that this is sold as a curio item meant for entertainment purposes only. No promises or guarantees are made or implied. Not meant to diagnose or cure any physical or psychological ailments. Please contact a licensed healthcare professional. Do not solicit for legal or medical advice.

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