Reversal Community Candle Setting (1/19/19)

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 Reversal Setting is scheduled for the 19th.

     This is a general Reversal candle setting intended to reverse the effects of crossed conditions brought on by negativity sent in your direction or things we might have "stepped in" or attracted. Sometimes we even create our own crossed conditions by our own actions, thoughts and activities.

     Price will include a fixed, candle with our name and petition for general money drawing, (prayers, oils, roots, and herbs), offering and proper disposal of course. All will be lit on my altar away from prying eyes.

    I offer this Setting of Lights as a way for my clients to have this working done regularly in privacy. Especially for those who are unable to perform these working in there own home due to a vast number of reasons (meddling roommates, closed minded family members, need to done in secret, unable to keep a lit candle, etc...)

    All will be lit on my altar, away from prying eyes.
I have a limited amount of spaces so make your reservation early. Deadline is the 19th by 4 pm PST.

     I will pray over your candles daily until the working is completed and issue ONE report within 7 days, via email.

   *Please include your birth name, DOB, and a picture.

     I am required to inform you that this is sold as a curio item meant for entertainment purposes only. No promises or guarantees are made or implied. Not meant to diagnose or cure any physical or psychological ailments. Please contact a licensed healthcare professional. Do not solicit for legal or medical advice.

     Hit the blue message button to contact me for more information.