Road Opener Fixed Candle

Road Opener Fixed Candle

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 Fixed Candles:

     Glass encased candle made with variouse flowers, herbs, resins, wood bark, roots, essential oils and condition oils for it's intened purpose. 

     This candle is made with the intention of keeping the law at bay. If you have a more specific requirement, message me and I can customize the ingredients for a more targeted purpose.

     As always there are no guarantees or warranties implied or stated. This is sold as a curio item only. 

     There is a 5 day turn around time period. I make my products as they are ordered and ship as soon as it is safe to do so. 

     Please keep in mind that summer is coming and some items are heat sensitive. Make sure there is someone home to receive the package so it won't sit out in the heat and ruin your order.

     These are simple candle vigil settings that I also offer as a regularly scheduled community light setting and under a separate listing.

     For other light settings NOT LISTED HERE, see Scheduled Vigil Settings. These settings are done regularly and offered with some frequency.

THIS IS NOT A FULL WORKING or A CONSULTATION!  If you need to speak with me about your purchase, you will need to set up a consultation. The minimum is $15.00 for 15 minutes. See the consultation page and set up an appointment after purchasing. 

     By law I am required to inform you that this is sold as a curio item meant for entertainment purposes only. No promises or guarantees are made or implied. Not meant to diagnose or cure any physical or psychological ailments. Please contact a licensed healthcare professional. Do not solicit for legal or medical advice.

     By accepting the services offered, you (the client) acknowledge a belief in spiritual practices and will not hold this shop or me, Mrs. Marlene, liable for any damages arising form those beliefs, products, and services purchased here. 

     No refunds on this item!